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Yole Group Photonics Integration Forum: Transforming Data Communication Applications - Next-gen photonic chips with high-level integration enabled by silicon photonics (Finished)


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Yole Group is proud to collaborate with the Asia Photonics Expo (APE) to organize the highly attractive Forum on Photonics Integration: Transforming Data Communication Applications.


This will take place on March 6 in Singapore alongside the APE. This event will explore recent trends in integrated photonics technology and datacom applications. In the coming years, network traffic will experience exponential growth, driven by the dynamic influence of cloud-based technologies for telework and personal use. This surge is fueled by Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs, including OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard, ultra-high-definition video-on-demand from platforms like YouTube and Netflix, and the expanding reach of 5G networks. As integrators incorporate generative AI into everyday applications, the demand for computing power and data transfer capacity in data centers intensifies. The density of server computers required for AI applications also raises concerns about heat generation, posing challenges for energy efficiency and sustainability.


This workshop will shed light on the booming demand for affordable, low-power optical transceivers, underscoring the growing significance of silicon photonics. Amid ongoing debates, emerging approaches like optical/Os are poised to enter the market once technical hurdles are surmounted. This transformative technology will facilitate optical connections for very-short-reach transmission distances, such as intra-rack applications or within systems. The workshop will explore evolving player strategies, upcoming technologies, roadmaps, and market forecasts within the optical communication industry. Join us to stay informed and engaged in this rapidly evolving landscape!


About Yole Group

Yole Group is an international company recognized for its expertise in the analysis of markets, technological developments, and supply chains, as well as the strategy of key players in the semiconductor, photonics, and electronics sectors. With Yole Intelligence, Yole SystemPlus and Piséo, the group publishes market, technology, performance, reverse engineering and costing analyses and provides consulting services in strategic marketing and technology analysis. The Yole Group Finance division also offers due diligence assistance and supports companies with mergers and acquisitions. Yole Group benefits from an international sales network. The company now employs more than 180+ people. More information on www.yolegroup.com.

Informa Markets

Asia Photonics Expo (APE)

Yole Group

6 March 2024  13:00-17:30

Conference Room, B2, Sands Expo and Convention Centre (Marina Bay Sands), Singapore

VYole Group Photonics Integration Forum: Transforming Data Communication Applications
Time Topics Speakers
13:00-13:15 Opening Yole Group
13:15-13:30 From transceivers to chiplets for AI: The trends driving Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology in Datacom Martin Vallo, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Photonics, Yole Group
13:30-13:45 Substrates for Photonics Integrated Circuits: InP PIC vs SiPh Ali Jaffal, Technology & Market Analyst Semiconductor Substrates, Yole Group
13:45-14:15 Technology and products for GAI interconnects Dinghai, Vice President, Innolight




Enhancing Data Centres through Silicon Photonics – a Foundry perspective Kavitha Buddharaju, Senior Director of Business Development & Marketing & Co-founder, AMF


Next-generation silicon photonics technology Dr. Luo Xianshu, Principal Scientist at Institute of Microelectronics, A-Star - IME


Progress on highly integrated silicon photonics for co-packaged optics (CPO) Alvin Low, R&D Senior Director, Broadcom


Ending   Yole Group


*Agenda is subject to change