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Optical Network Technology Development for the Era of Computing Power Forum

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Currently, the world is rapidly advancing towards digital transformation in the economic and social sectors. Optical networks, as a crucial component and critical foundation of information infrastructure, are increasingly demonstrating their value. In 2023, the release of products such as chatGPT has ignited the market for generative AI, further driving the demand for high computing power. chatGPT, as a large-scale AI model, effectively combines big data, large computing power, and strong algorithms, tightly integrating data, computing power, and networks. The training of AI large models significantly impacts both the quantity and quality of the entire optical communications industry chain. It not only requires the computing networks with exceptional capacity, but also requires the optical networks that provide high-quality connections, large-capacity transmission capabilities, and ultra-high bandwidth. Nowadays, all-optical connections are becoming the foundation of the future digital era, and optical networks are also promoting the transformation of networks from infrastructure networks to business networks through the reconstruction of network architecture, so as to better serve the digital economy. On this basis, the optical network is at a significant turning point in its application and service, and the high-speed optical modules and devices, ultra-large capacity transmission, ultra-high bandwidth, super-fast connection rates, multi-layer collaboration, and cutting-edge technological advancements in the field of optical communications also usher in unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

In this context, APE, in collaboration with the upstream and downstream industry chain of optical communication, will deeply explore and exchange ideas on the development of cutting-edge technologies and technical challenges on the next generation optical transmission and access. and jointly built a solid optical network foundation for the digital world.

6th March, 2024   13:00 - 15:00

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Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore

Asia Photonics Expo


Speaking and Sponsorship opportunities, please contact:
Janice Zeng

Topics (Not limited to the following)

  • Standards and technology development for next-generation optical transmission
  • All-optical network technology and industry application development
  • Future development direction and trend of optical communication
  • Open and standardized intelligent computing center networking solutions
  • Optical transmission system architecture for metropolitan area networks and core networks
  • Wavelength, Space and Time Division Multiplexing (WDM, SDM, TDM) transmission
  • 400G/800G transmission technology
  • Ultra-high capacity optical transmission technology: spectrum expansion
  • Techniques for increasing the capacity of long-haul optical transmission system
  • Short-haul optical transmission: DSP
  • Real-time optical transmission technology of short-haul weakly coupled Space Division Multiplexing
  • Coherent DWDM optics & Coherent pluggable optics
  • Technological advancements in 5G fronthaul/backhaul
  • Industry applications of 5G backhaul and OTN
  • Fine Granularity Unit (FGU) technology development
  • Optical networks and industrial Internet
  • Optical networks and SDN/NFV
  • Open and automated optical networks
  • Convergence of IP and optical networks
  • Intelligent optical network architecture
  • Application and management of artificial intelligence in optical transmission network systems
  • New fiber optic technology
  • All-optical access technology
  • Key technology of high-speed optical access networks
  • Key technologies of metro access layer
  • Research and standard evolution of next-generation high-speed optical access architecture
  • 50G PON technology
  • FTTR and Smart Home
  • SDN/NFV technology
  • F5G/F5.5G optical access network technology development
  • Application of AI algorithms in access networks
  • Network slicing technology based on intelligent optical access networks
  • Next-generation PON technology for IIoT
  • Test & measurement solutions