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Nowadays, the global demand for connectivity and computing power has doubled, resulting in a significant increase in the construction of data centers. With the rapid development of AI large-scale model cluster training, 800G optical modules have entered mass production and are competing in terms of supply capacity. The increasing demand for data bandwidth will accelerate the evolution of optical modules from 800G to 1.6T. At the 1.6T rate, the integration and power consumption issues of traditional pluggable optical modules will become more prominent. Low power consumption and miniaturization are key demands for 1.6T optical modules. Linear drive pluggable solutions have also become a hot topic in the industry. Whether to choose LPO or CPO in the future remains to be discussed in the industry. However, it is certain that remove DSP signal is becoming more apparent and will lead the innovation technologies for enterprises in optical module, and optoelectronic chip. As data centers expand and upgrade due to diversified business development, traditional data centers are gradually moving towards the direction of constructing intelligent computing centers. This poses higher requirements for high-speed transmission technologies in data centers at the network level, server, and switch equipment capacity level, as well as chip and module levels. APE will join hands with globally renowned Internet service providers, data center equipment manufacturers and core module device manufacturers and other industry experts to focus on the future development trend of high-speed data center transmission network interconnect in the era of AI large computing power.

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Next-Generation Data Center Optical Interconnect Technology Evolution Forum

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Asia Photonics Expo

7th March, 2024   13:00 - 15:00

Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore


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Janice Zeng

Topics (Not limited to the following)

  • NowadayAll-optical data center
  • Inter-data center all-optical network architecture
  • New network architecture of data centers
  • Intelligent network architecture of data centers
  • High-performance coherent optical network systems for data centers
  • Data center network topology structure evolution trend
  • Next-generation data center optical interconnect technology solutions
  • Application of silicon photonic technology in data centers
  • Next-generation switches and evolution of switching chip capacity in data centers
  • Inter-data center DWDM systems
  • Data center optical interconnect 800G and 1.6T high-speed optical modules
  • Coherent solutions for high-speed optical modules in data centers
  • CPO/NPO/LPO solutions
  • Development of generative AI and high-speed optical interconnect technology
  • SDN and NFV for data center applications
  • Intelligent management and O&M solutions for data centers
  • New energy-efficient and green data centers
  • The demand for optical components and optical modules in the new generation of optical communication equipment
  • Progress in digital coherent module standards
  • Silicon photonic integration in the era of low-cost coherence technology


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