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Reunion at Asia Photonics Expo 2025

It has been a while since our last memorable gathering in Singapore, and we are excited to reconnect at the next edition, now firmly scheduled. First and foremost, we extend our deepest appreciation for your unwavering support throughout this year's event.

We are pleased to announce that the Asia Photonics Expo (APE 2025) is scheduled to take place 26 to 28 February 2025. Regarding as a premier event in the field of photonics, offering a comprehensive platform for businesses to showcase their brand and foster connections in the industry. For the upcoming edition of APE, we have meticulously organized the show floor into more logically structured and specific sectors. This strategic layout is designed to facilitate seamless interactions and foster connections between participants. As a result, visitors will enjoy an effortless experience in locating a diverse array of manufacturers and component suppliers. Want to network with thousands of professionals? Starting now!

Why Exhibit at APE 2025


1. Connect with customers and meet new prospects in APE

APE is where the industry goes to learn, network, showcase new technologies, forge partnerships and close deals. Join industry-leading companies and connect with industry players that understand the value of face-to-face marketing and have positioned themselves in this lucrative marketplace. 


2. Immense market potential in Southeast Asia to explore

Southeast Asia is experiencing rapid economic growth, with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam as major players. It’s driving the demand for advanced technologies and solutions to support industries like telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer electronics.


3. A dynamic networking platform for business partnership

APE organizes networking events like site tours, gala dinner and more to attract industry professionals like investors, entrepreneurs, executives and researchers from the photonics sector. This brings tremendous opportunities to connect with potential customers and business partners, fostering valuable networking and collaboration.


4. Concurrent conferences bring insights of market trends

APE hosts series of academic, industry and application conferences and invite experts, thought leaders and industry professionals to share insights, research findings and market trend analysis. It allows attendees to gain valuable industry information, latest trends and challenges in the photonics industry

APE 2024 Visitor Analysis


Visitor Breakdown by 9 Application



TOP 20 Product Areas of Interest Among Attendees 


Key Visiting Companies

· Advanced Micro Foundry
· Agilent
· aimflex
· Amazon
· ams Osram
· Appasamy Associates
· Apple
· Applied Materials
· Avago Technologies
· Broadcom
· Canon
· China Telecom
· Cisco
· Coherent
· Corning
· Delta Optics
· DenseLight
· Excelitas
· Haier
· HP
· Huawei
· Intel
· KPP Packaging
· Marvell
· Mindef
· MMI Systems
· Molex
· Nanofilm Technologies
· Qualcomm
· Samsung
· Santec
· Sanwa
· Singtel
· Sony
· STMicroelectronics
· Sumitomo
· Synopsys
· Texas Instrument
· Thermo Fisher
· TP-Link
· WOCO Group
· Xenics
· Yaskawa
· Zeon
· Zero Error Systems
· ZKTel
* In alphabetical order. 
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