Micro and nano manufacturing technologies such as MEMS processes, nanoimprint, screen printing, femtosecond laser etching, and photolithography are all based on "Optics" as the medium, showing the active role of micro and nano optics. These technologies combine cutting-edge achievements in photonics and nanotechnology, enabling the realization of new functions at the micro and nano scale.

Ultra-precision machining technology serves as the primary method for fabricating micro and nano optical components. In the future, this technology will develop towards high precision, high efficiency, large-scale production, miniaturization, intelligence, process integration, online processing and testing integration, and environmentally friendly practices. These developments will drive the emergence of novel micro-nano processing technologies, allowing for the application of micro-nano structures and devices with various functions. They will also contribute to the development of new micro-nano optical devices and systems.

We believe that the next 50 years will be an era of vigorous development for ultra-precision micro-nano optical technology! We are organizing the “Ultra Precision, Micro Nano Processing and Optical Testing Forum” on March 6, 2024. This forum will bring together renowned enterprises, experts, and scholars in the fields of micro-nano optics, precision optical machining, and optical inspection to lead discussions on cutting-edge technologies and explore topics such as nanoimprint, micro-nano direct writing lithography technology, gray high-light lithography, precision machining, optical inspection, etc.


FPA nanoimprint 5nm chip technology

Miniature optical product design based on nanoimprint technology

High precision micro and nano 3D printing

Ultra-fast and low-power micron-nano-optics

Optical microsphere nano (OMN) technology microscope system

Micro imaging spectrum chip

Topological photonics

New micro-nano preparation technology

Meta-imaging technology and devices

The topological study of metasurface

Application of micro-nano diffraction optics in AR / VR

Development and commercial mass production of new metalens

Ultra-precision cutting technology

3D optical inspection


Ultra Precision, Micro Nano Processing and Optical Testing Forum
Time Topics Speakers
15:30-15:35  Opening

 Micro and Nano Manufacturing Technology

 (Topic to be determined)

 Prof. Joel Yang, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Nano Research Laboratory

 Micro-optical product design based on nanoimprint technology (Topic to be determined)

 Dr. Wanyin Cui, General Manager, Nanoscribe GmbH & Co. KG
16:15-16:35  Topic to be determined  Liu Hong, Head of Nanofabrication Department, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR Research, Singapore
16:35-16:55  Optical Microsphere Nano (OMN) technology microscope system / Micro imaging spectrum chip / Metalens

 NIL Technology / Phaos Technology / Seetrum / Shan He Photonics

16:55-17:15  3D optical inspection  Sunny Instruments Singapore/ KLA-Tencor/ Edmund Optics

/ Micro-Mechanics / Kinding Optical (KDOM)/ HEST





Shanghai Ultra-precision Optical Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center, Fudan University

Ultra Precision, Micro Nano Processing and Optical Testing Forum

6th March, 2024 15:30-17:30

Conference Registration

Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore  


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Asia Photonics Expo

*Agenda is subject to change

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